🗣Streamr Network is a decentralized real-time data network where users can create, share and consume data streams on an open, scalable Web3 protocol with tools for monetization.
Streamr Network was created in 2016 by Henri Pihkala, a developer for 10 years building scalable infrastructure & tools for real-time data.
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In June 2021, the Streamr network smart contract was audited by Isentropy LLC.
Warning:  DATA v2 uses OpenZeppelin’s AccessControl framework to configure roles. In the default setup, there is a master Admin role that can add and remove Minters at will.
🗣This is by design, so that the network Admin is able to mint tokens, or burn tokens based on the current economic model and long-term sustainability of the network. This strategy also allows Streamr to defend the network against bad actors who may try to manipulate the Streamr node network.


Anyone – or anything – can publish new data to data streams, and others can subscribe to these streams to power Ðapps, smart contracts, microservices, and intelligent data pipelines.

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Real-time data will increasingly turn into a commodity in the coming years. Huge volumes of timestamped data is being generated by sensors and connected devices in manufacturing, the service sector, and the entire supply chain which underlies the modern economy, with much of the data generated in a streaming fashion. 

setting up a broke node on cpu


DATA is an ERC-20 token that is used for governance, staking on nodes, and marketplace purchases. There is a total supply of 1 billion DATA tokens, with a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens. Over 40% of the supply is in circulation.

DATA has seen an all time high of $0.34 a token since 2017.

(Ethereum) ERC-20 DATA contract address


(Polygon) DATA contract address



DATA is used for governance of the network. Holders of the DATA can vote on the network DAO.

Staking and mining of the DATA exist on the Polygon Mainnet. All you need to do is hold your DATA on the Polygon Mainnet to be eligible for staking and mining DATA.

The Streamr marketplace is open and free to use. Users can share live data streams and purchase data streams from other Users.
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What are Data Unions?

A unique way to bundle Users data in a package, that can be purchased in the Streamr marketplace. Data providers share the revenue earned from the Data Union.

Data Unions can be looked at as the crowd-selling of data on a decentralized open marketplace.

The Problem & The Solution

 Data is siloed by big tech and real-time purchases for live data on the blockchain is more necessary than ever. By allowing this data to be sold on an open market, the data can be monetized. Data Unions allow anyone to retail their data and earn when their data is sold.

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