Crypto Ed Courses

What is Crypto Ed Courses?

Crypto Ed Courses is an online crypto educational platform that is designed for complete beginners and advanced users.

Our courses are on Presale at 40% off until October 22, 2022!

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We are a team of experts that’s actively striving to make the best courses for our clients. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

The staff at Crypto Ed Courses firmly believes that in the future, all things that involve data gathering (from driving our cars, to running a small business) will be connected to the blockchain. After collectively spent over 30,000 hours on researching the ins-and-outs of blockchain technology, we understand the crypto market is ultimately here to stay. That’s why we designed these courses to educate people on this new technology, and what is to come.

Beginners course goes live Nov 21, 2022

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Our Services

The first service to lauch is Crypto Ed Assistance. This service runs in 3 different categories.

1-on-1 Assistance

This service is $30 for a hour call with our educators. We are prepared to help people with 11 different assistance topics.

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Recorded Meetings

This service is $60 for an hour call with our educators. You can get a recorded copy of this meeting when the call is over.

Create a Lesson

This service is $40 for an hour call with our educators. Our creators are prepared to create a lesson that will suit your learning needs. You can schedule a meeting and we will give you a time and date when we will have your lesson ready to purchase at an affordable price as low as $10.


Our courses come jam packed with meetings, lectures, downloadable content, and more. Our goal is to take a beginner from 0 to hero with our Beginners Bootcamp.

Get Beginners Bootcamp at 40% off in the Presale!

The Presale Details page shows you what all you get when you buy the Beginners Bootcamp before October 22, 2022!

Courses Outline


Once our Beginners Bootcamp launches we will begin classes where students will learn each lesson directly with the educators.

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NFT’s backed by 100% blockchain

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