Battle Island’s First Web3 Animated Series “Ghosts of Ruin” is Coming to Gala Film

Battle Island is launching its first web3 animated series with Gala Film. This is an exciting announcement that showcases some thrilling action-packed animated clips from a series called Ghosts of Ruin.

oNE First Web3 animated series on IN THE WORLD

Ghosts of Ruin is an animated series led by award-winning Filmmaker PJ Accetturo. The CEO of Battle Island is a web3 innovator who believes that web3 gaming is still in its early stages and is very passionate about connecting new creators from the traditional world to the new and ever evolving web3 world.

PJ Accetturo, CEO of Battle Island

About the series

The Ghosts of Ruin Series is the first web3 animated series to launch on Gala Film in the summer of 2023. The story is set 30 years in the future of San Francisco. Gamers around the world find peace and comfort in a game, where they able to escape reality in a nuerorealistic game – based on real life creations.

One day a rogue program takes over and causes the ghosts in the game to hunt like predators. The gamers are now in a fight for their life which could truly effect their mental state in the real world.

The main character Lee wakes up in a mental hospital where he is one of the main players in the game, and looks to be suffering from a post traumatic experience with the game.

Ghosts of Ruin is set to release as in 2023 and will be purchasable as an NFT collection in the Gala Films store.

Gala Film

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